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The plain white worktops come with an elegant semi-gloss finish that complements a wide variety of kitchen styles and has been designed with versatility in mind. A white laminate worktop is a cost-effective solution for your kitchen that is easy to clean and durable. Take a look through the Worktop Distribution Services range of white laminate worktops.

There is no doubt that white laminate worktops are a stylish and practical choice for modern interior design and give your home a fresh, clean look. In addition to being simple to maintain, they are also easy to clean. There is something understated about this neutral shade, and it will reflect light around a room, giving it a bigger look and making small spaces seem bigger and brighter.

It is also one of the easiest countertops to install due to its simplicity and affordability. White laminate worktops are both durable and affordable. It is possible to choose the thickness of the profile, the finish, as well as the length, including thinner profile shapes for a minimal appearance.